Getting Help

Not able to get something done with the RSM Portal? If you have an issue, please use the following resources.

First of all, please take a look at the Tutorial or Frequently Asked Questions
Hint: you can also search this site using the box in the top right.

If you experience a problem during class, 

Please take attendance & record grades on paper. You can always enter this information after class.

Email Support

If the issue you are experiencing is not an emergency, please use our email support. Sending an email will generate a support ticket which we will follow up on (you should get an answer on all urgent requests within a few hours).

 If your issue relates a problem with the RSM Portal (the portal is crashing, you can't take attendance, etc.)
 If your issue relates to a computer problem
(your computer won't turn on, there is not internet, etc.)
 If your issue relates to a web problem
(a parent can't register, the schedule is out of date, etc.)