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3. Taking Attendance (Classroom Portal)

The RSM Portal allows a teacher to take attendance and enter grades while teaching a class.

1. Creating a Lesson

  1. After logging into the portal (see instructions for logging into the portal). 
  2. Click on "Class Room" (if you teach at multiple branches, you will first have to select the correct branch)
  3. Select the name of the Class you wish to take attendance for
    Note: if you're substituting for another teacher, you will need to select their name first
  4. Enter the information about the class:
    Date. If you're filling in attendance for a previous day, select the appropriate date.
    Topic. A short description of the class (i.e. the subject being covered)
    HW. The problems assigned for HW (this will be posted as is on the website)
    Footer. The exact footer from the RSM curriculum packet.
    Email HW. Check this off if you're starting a new packet.

2. Taking Attendance & Adding a New Student
Every student enrolled in your class will appear in the attendance screen. To mark them as present in class, you just need to check them off under the "Attended" column.

To add a student that is attending class but isn't enrolled.
  1. Click the "Add New Student" button in the bottom right.
  2. Specify the "Reason for Sitting In" as Try Out, Makeup, or Transfer.
  3. Specify the information about the student and click "Add Permission Slip"
  4. Select the Student from the list or click "Add New"*
*It is important to avoid creating duplicate students so that the office can track students sitting in on multiple classes

3. Entering Grades & Adding an Assignment

By default, every new lesson has 3 assignments: a HW and 2 Quizes. You can change the name of the assignments or delete them from the options on the left side of the screen.

Entering grades can be entered on the right hand side. Every assignment can accept:
- A percent grade
- A letter grade (that will automatically be translated into a percent)
- A number (that will be translated into a percent for everything except an SAT Assignment

You an add a new assignment by clicking on the "Add An Assignment" button.

4. Getting History

To get the history of a student's performance in class, click on their name.

To get the history of previous lessons, edit previous lessons, or delete a previous lesson. Click "See All Previous Lessons".

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