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1. Getting Setup and Installing The Portal

Getting Setup As A User

Step 1. Getting an RSM Email Address

In order to use the portal you must have an email address that ends in @Gmail.com, @Russianschool.com, @RsmBoston.com, or @RsmCalifornia.com.

One of these email addresses will be setup for you when you join RSM, please make sure to login and confirm that you can access your RSM email (you will need to change the temporary password and accept the terms and conditions).

Step 2. Getting Added to the RSM Portal

In order to use the portal at a specific RSM Branch, that branch will have to add you to their staff as either:
A Teacher, an Office Manager, Principal or Accountant.

You will need to give the office your: First and Last Name, cell phone number, and RSM email address to be setup.

Installing the Portal

To install the RSM Portal you will need to go to:


Click on Install*.

Please Note: Depending on the age of your computer, the initial installation could take up to an hour. In the future, the portal will be updated automatically when there are changes.

Requirements. In order to use the RSM Portal, you will need a computer that is:

  • Running Windows XP, Vista or 7 (Linux and Mac are NOT supported at this time)
  • Has at least 2 Gigabytes of RAM.
  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86).
    Please note that you may use a 64-bit computer but the quickbooks integration will not work.
  • You DO NOT need to be an administrator on the computer

Logging In For The First Time
Once the Portal is installed, you will see a link on your desktop:

If an anti-virus warning pops up, please ACCEPT the request for the portal to be able to contact the internet.

Wait for the portal to update itself and you will see the following screen:

Please enter your RSM Email Address and password (created in Step 1).


Portal Freezes After You Click On It

This is usually the sign of an anti-virus program blocking the portal. If this happens on an RSM computer, please contact ItHelp@Russianschool.com and someone will login remotely to fix the computer shortly. 

If this happens on your home computer, please make sure that you add the portal to the exception list (or open port 1433)

User Does Not Have Access

If you see an error message like the below, please make sure you are using your RSM email address and confirm that the office has added you to the Staff (with that email address)