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2. The Home Screen & Navigating the RSM Portal

When you first open the portal, you will be presented with the home screen. As you explore the portal many additional windows will open up, but they will all share a common navigation.

Every page in one instance of the RSM Portal shares 3 elements. Changing one of these elements will change ALL the screens (i.e. changing a semester will change it for every screen).*
Hint: If you need to see two semesters side by side, open two copies of the RSM Portal on the same computer!
  1. The User
    All changes made in the portal will be recorded under this name. All hours will be logged to this individual!
    If you log out, all screens for this instance of the portal will automatically be closed.
  2. The RSM Location (branch, affiliate, etc.)
    An RSM Affiliate is just a physical school (i.e. with an address, a phone number, etc.)
    You can change information about the affiliate in the Office Portal
  3. The Semester
    A semester represents a specific period of time into which students enroll.
    Supported semesters are either Summer or Fall/Spring.

Each instance of the RSM Portal can have many screens open at the same time