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4. Managing The School (Office Portal)

The office portal is the central dashboard for a school's administration department. It allows the administration of all Student and School related information, including:
  • The information about a branch (i.e. address, email, phone number, etc.)
  • The information about a semester (i.e. when it starts and ends)
  • The information about the staff that work at a school (i.e. name, email, phone number, etc.)
  • The information about which classes are available during a semester
  • The information about a students (including which classes they are enrolled in)
  • The information about all new applications received from the Parent Portal

Navigation Tabs

Each feature is accessible to Office Administrators, Principals and Accountants by going to the appropriate tab:

All office screens can be sorted by clicking on the column name in the grid. Clicking on the same name again will reverse the ordering.

Exporting To Excel
When you see the export to Excel Button, you can export all of the information on the current screen into a file compatible with Excel.

*Note: ONLY PRINCIPALS can export the full database, office administrators can export 50 student records at a time.

If a screen contains more than 100 records, you can navigate to additional records by clicking on the arrow buttons at the bottom