4.1 Enrolling Students (Applications Tab)

All applications filled out by parents online, will appear in the applications tab (the branch will also be notified of a new application). However, applications will not appear on the Students Tab until they are Imported. The import process connects an application with a student record and assigns classes.

Importing an Application

The import process allows multiple office administrators to import applications simultaneously. To import the next available application each office administrator should click the "Process Next Application" button at the top right.

If you need to import a specific application, you can click the "Process" button next to that application.

Please note that for convenience when an application begins being processed it is locked to all other users for 24 hours. You can override this by clicking on the Process button as described above.

Step 1: Connecting To The Right Student Record

The first step of the import process allows for the application be connected with an existing student record. It is critical to connect an application with the correct student if you wish to maintain statistics and history that span semesters.<
Choose the option on the left if you see a student record that matches the application (be careful with siblings).
Choose the option on the right if this is a new record.

Step 2: Assigning A Class

The second step of the import process allows you to enroll or waitlist the student in specific classes. The specific student request and any recommendations from the previous year can be seen in the top section.
All available classes are shown below. While importing the student you can also flag the record for follow up and add a comment to the student notes (this can be used by the office when following up with that student).

Step 3: Importing

Once you've assigned classes you can import the application. If this student is already registered for this semester, you will get a choice to add the application to the existing record (the merge will not remove anything from the student record, just update the student details and enroll them in new classes).

The student record window will open to allow you to make any changes to the student. 

Transferring An Application (to a different semester or branch)

By pressing cancel after you begin processing an application, you will get a dialog box that lets you transfer or delete the application (or release it to allow others to import it).

Find A Missing Application

If you expect to see an application but it does not appear in your queue, you can search across ALL applications received over the last few months (across all semesters and branches), by clicking on "Find Application" below on the left.

The best way to search for an application is to use the unique Confirmation Number each parent receives when they first enroll in the school. They are asked to print out the confirmation number when they finish the enrollment process and also get it in their email. If they do not have a confirmation number there is a chance they did not fully complete the process.

Once an application is found you can edit the Student Record (if it has already been imported) or choose to Process it to import it