4.2 Interacting With Parents (Students Tab)

1. Getting Student Information

The following fields are available for every student. Please note that you can click on the column to sort by each of these.

The date the student was enrolled in the semester.
 Alg, Geo, Other
The name of the Algebra, Geometry and any Other classes the student is enrolled in. 
If you use the Accounting Portal this will show you the balance for the year on the student's account.
 Waitlist, Followup, Interview
You can sort the student body by those that are waitlisted for a class or have a follow up pending.
 Updated On, Updated By
Every student record maintains the date it was last modified and by whom

Clicking on a single student brings up a detail screen that will give you the student's contact information and details on the classes they are enrolled in or waitlisted in. As well as giving you further options with interacting with the the student.

1.1 Editing A Student

To edit student information or enroll a student in a specific class, click the edit button.

1.2 Viewing or Editing Student Notes

To edit or add a student note, click on the notes button. Generally all parent interactions should be logged as a note so a student record can be built out over time.

1.3 Viewing Payments & Charges

If your school is using the Accounting Portal for quickbooks integration, you can see what payments have been received by the school and what charges are outstanding by clicking on the Statement Button.

1.4 Getting A Student's Attendance History

If your school uses the Classroom Portal, you can see all classes attended by the student by clicking on the Attendance button.

1.5 Handling a Cancellation

To cancel a student, click the edit button and cancel out of all classes they are currently enrolled in (you will need to specify a reason for the withdrawl). You can them remove the student from the current Semester.

Note: No information is lost when you remove the student. You can always add them back again.

2. Finding A Student

You can search for a student in the top of the Students Tab by typing in the search window. The text entered will be compared to:
The student id, phone number, address, phone number, email, father's name, mother's name and student's name.

Note: If you need to find a student at other branches or semesters, use Advanced Find

3. Adding a Student

You can manually add a student by clicking the "Add Student" button at the bottom of the screen. But doing this is RARELY A GOOD IDEA since it can create duplicate student records. An application should generally be filled out.